During intercourse the woman turns right around the man like a horizontal wheel around a vertical axis. Profiting from certain positions the man caresses her an pinches her nipples. For her part she can fondle the chest of the reclining man, whose penis uses her like a pivot in flesh and blood. By squirming and raising herself a little, she takes up just the length of his penis she wants to feel in herself. 

"The pivot" position helps both man and woman to have a good mental concentration. That's why this position is recommended for men who have started to practice sexual continence. 

The pivot" position allows man to become more conscious of the intensity of pleasure and also to reduce it by stopping the woman's movements when he feels he is approaching the climax. For sublimation of the sexual energy both lovers have to concentrate their attention in the middle of the forehead. This will induce a state of mental clarity in both lovers, which will help them to control the sexual energy and to sublimate it in more elevated energies.

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