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The woman stands on her feet, bends over and supports herself on a chair, spreading her feet, so that the man may penetrate her. Then the man firmly grasps his lover's thighs, and lifts her feet to the level of his thighs.

This is a position requiring muscular force from both lovers. Holding the woman's hips, the man may move her pelvis back and forth, in a slow or in a dynamic rhythm.

The woman may slowly push her lover's pelvis towards her, helping herself by her shanks, so that she may feel his virile member deep inside her warm and moist vagina.

When the man feels he is getting close to the point of non-return, he has to stop his movements, and focus his attention at the level of the cardiac plexus in order to direct the energy to the upper part of the body. This is valid for both lovers, and thus they will be able to experience an intense state of dedication to each other and shared love.

Moreover, the forceful penetrations of the man may determine in woman the awakening and ascension of her
Kundalini Shakti along the spine. 

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