Climbing The Tree Variant1 - Kama Sutra Sexual Position

This is another variant of the most beautiful position from the Kama Sutra. The man standing in front of the woman lifts her so that her vulva fits to his penis. She wraps her legs stretched more or less around him while his virile member slides deeply into her moisten vagina.

Holding her buttocks, he draws her pelvis toward him, filling up her vagina completely.

The lovers face each other and they can exchange all kinds of caresses, pinching and kissing each other. They can glance full of lust each other and thus, mounting their passion.

This variant of "Climbing the tree" position is a very good position for man's sexual energy control because the standing position increases the power of control over the energies. Also the vertical position of the woman's trunk enables a better control over her sexual energy. The lovers have to focus their attention in the crown in order to sublimate the sexual energy in more refined energies and therefore achieving more and more elevated states of consciousness.

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