THE BLOW OF THE BUL Kama Sutra Sexual Position

The man's penis fills up the woman's open vulva completely. Her thighs are on the level of the man's shoulders, who plunges into her deeply and forcefully, so that she can feel the size and length of his member all the better. 

The Blow of the Bull is another deep penetration sex position and is actually related to the Butterfly that I described previously. This time, though, the fuckee and fucker are at the same general elevation so the smurfs, gigantic legos and/or other props are pretty much unnecessary (unless you've developed a fetish for them by now).
During "The blow of the bull" position the woman could stroke the man's buttocks with her hands.  The man's forceful thrusts determines the rising of the woman's sexual energy along the spine. So, in this position the woman could experience the awakening of the Kundalini. 

In the case of the Blow of the Bull, it is hard to imagine what body part is doing the blowing and what is doing the bulling. Many men like the idea of their genitals being referred to in terms of large, muscular beasts of burden and they like the idea of women performing some sort of blowing on said beast. However, unless this description is referring to queefs, it is certainly the case that the vulva can't actually blow a bull. As a result of this and the fact that I don't know how to read sanskrit to find out which version of the word 'blow' this refers to, I get the impression (for no rational reason whatsoever) that the term "bull" in this phrase refers to the woman's vulva and that the term "blow" refers to the man stroking or striking said vulva with his penis.

This position can be modified for use by nearly any sexual combination, so be sure to adjust these instructions as necessary. The Recipient in this case needs to be laying on their back with their legs way up in the air, like a puppydog playing dead. The Giver, then, positions themselves above them and places the legs of the recipient, together, on one of their shoulders. This should allow them to easily penetrate the fuckee rather easily.

A few things that might make this an easier position for those of average flexibility includes:

  • Placing a pillow under the supporting arm of the fucker.
  • Placing a pillow under the hips and/or back of the fuckee.
  • Instead of keeping the fuckee's legs together, have them slightly separate their legs or put one leg just under the upper arm of the fucker.
  • The fuckee may hold their feet or ankles in place to take some of the strain off the shoulder of the fucker.
This position may make it difficult for either party to reach the clit of the fuckee, so if she prefers clitoral stimulation to get very aroused, this may be a good position to do after lots of foreplay. The position does make it easy to do lots of ass grabbing and breast play, so please misbehave accordingly if you so desire. This is also a great pose for feet fetishists because neither person's feet become impossibly out of view.

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