Female Orgasm 5 Tips for Better Orgasm

Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual tension during the sexual response cycle and its gives an intense sensation of pleasure. Most of the women not to reach orgasm every time they have sex or during intercourse. But if you are not enjoying sex as much as you'd like to, there are some things you can do.
Orgasms have quite a few benefits; they relax us and help us feel protected. They can help reduce cramping, relieve headaches, and I think everyone knows how they can help you get to sleep. When we climax, our body releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps us create stronger and more monogamous relationships.
It all leads to happier and healthier relationships. If you'd like to have better orgasms, these five tips can help you get started tonight!

1. Experiment With Your Breathing
Some women are self-conscious about making noise during sex, and so hold their breath at orgasm without even thinking about it. But deep exhalations can intensify your orgasm. Moaning can have the same effect. If you're worried about making too much noise, you can buffer the noise with a pillow. Moans are also arousing to men, and can help him reach orgasm.
If you've developed the habit of holding your breath, you can learn to change it. One Tantric technique is to take 15-20 rapid breaths, followed by one long exhale. This is a good technique to practice as you approach your climax; repeat the action to intensify the sensation.
However, some women have found that reducing their air supply can cause stronger orgasms. You can try hanging your head back off the side of the bed to restrict your air flow, or have a slightly less effect by not using a pillow.

2. Exercise Your Vaginal Muscles
Having strong vaginal muscles doesn't only help you during orgasm, it also feels incredible to your partner! One way to strengthen these muscles is by doing "Kegel exercises". You can learn to do these by practicing when you urinate. As you pee, stop the flow, and then release it again. The muscles that you use for this action are the same muscles that contract during your climax.
It's best to learn to while you urinate, because you'll know that you're using the right muscles. Otherwise, you may only be tightening your abdominals and buttocks. Once you've mastered the technique, it's best to practice it occasionally throughout the day. For example, you can do Kegels while driving or while sitting at your desk at work. Do sets of 5-10, holding each one at least 5 seconds.
Don't forget to do it during sex! Try squeezing and relaxing the muscles while you massage your clitoris. And of course, you'll want to squeeze your partner during intercourse. Relax the muscles on entry, then squeeze as he pulls out.

3. Experiment With New Positions
There are many different positions you can try to add new fire to your orgasms.
"Doggy style", done with the man behind you while you're on your knees, can cause very intense orgasms and also allows you to more easily stimulate your clitoris during intercourse.
Or you may prefer to let him lay back while you get on top; this allows you to control the speed and angle to give yourself the greatest pleasure.

4. Find Out About Side Effects from Medications
If you're taking medication for depression or high blood pressure, you may find that it affects your orgasm or even makes them impossible. This is a known side effect, so don't be afraid to bring it up with your doctor. She can help you find a solution to the problem. Switching medications may be an option for some people.

5. Be In A Committed Relationship
Women without a steady partner have been found to orgasm less often. Part of the reason for this is that men rarely give oral sex to women who aren't their girlfriend. Women are also less inhibited with a committed partner, leading to greater sexual satisfaction.

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