Top Five Reasons Women Can't Orgasm

The Top Five Reasons Women Can't Orgasm

The most common mental barriers women have that keep them from having a full body orgasm
or even an orgasm at all in some cases. First you MUST understand that there is a direct connection between a woman's mind and her ability to have an orgasm.

You see giving a woman an orgasm has as much to do with her mental state as it does with the physical techniques that you use. If one or the other is lacking her orgasm will not be as powerful as it could have been or she may not have one at all. 

For her to reach her full orgasmic potential a woman must surrender herself to you both mentally and physically 100%.  Unfortunately there are a number of things that can get in the way of her being able to do this...  

1. She is too stressed out:

Tension in a woman's body is the number one killer of orgasms. If she's holding a lot of tension in her body it will inhibit endorphins from flowing freely through her body which is essential for her experiencing the level of pleasure of a vaginal orgasm.

If she has a lot of tension give her a massage. Massage is very powerful for getting any woman relaxed and in the moment.

2. All her emotional needs in the relationship are not being met:

It's all to common for us men to overlook or not understand a woman's needs in the relationship.

If she feels an emotional void toward you for whatever reason she will be guarded and will not let her mind go, or surrender herself if this is the case.

3. She is "trying" to hard to orgasm:

Many guys learn the physical techniques and the first thing they do is say "oh hey honey, I have these super tricks I want to try to make you orgasm".

This is not the right way to go about it. This puts pressure on her to orgasm which will kill any chance of
her achieving orgasm. There should not be any discussion or expectation about the outcome of the sexual experience.

This will free up her mind so that she can let go on her terms with out expectation.

4. You are not a leader in your relationship, and ESPECIALLY not in the bedroom:

She should trust and BELIEVE that she can surrender herself to you in the bedroom. You need to be the leader in the bedroom and lead her to orgasm.

Guys who are wussies or supplicate to much in the relationship or bedroom will not be able gain enough trust for her to surrender herself fully.

5. She is not confident in her body or her sexuality:

If she's self conscious about her body she's going to have a hard time letting go.

She shouldn't have any unhealthy thoughts about sex or giving herself to you. If she does, which isn't uncommon for women raised in very conservative environments, then you must take things slowly
and make sure she's comfortable and can overcome any self-limiting beliefs about her sexuality.

Sex is an enjoyable and healthy part of life for adults to experience and she needs to fully embrace her sexuality.

So there you have it, I hope this helps you overcome some of the hurdles you may be experiencing in the bedroom.  It's my belief that as men we should educate ourselves as much as possible to become the best lovers we can be and I know you feel the same way too, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this email.

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