Ovulation and Conception Facts When Do You Conceive?

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When Do You Conceive

Ovulation differs from woman to woman, but here are a few guidelines that can help you understand when you ovulate and how ovulation impacts conception.

What is ovulation?

According to Planned Parenthood, ovulation occurs when an egg is released from the ovary. Approximately two weeks before a woman starts her period, the egg is released and travels down the fallopian tube. The egg needs to be fertilized within two days after ovulation occurs. If the egg is not fertilized, the egg breaks apart.

When is a woman most fertile?

A woman is most fertile in the five days before the egg is released and on the day that ovulation takes place. Though it is possible to get pregnant in the two days after ovulation, the chances are not as good. And, after the egg breaks apart, a woman must wait until she ovulates again to become pregnant.

What are ovulation kits?

The American Pregnancy Association website explains that ovulation tests work by testing your luteinizing hormone. This particular hormone is always present in urine, but in the two days before a woman starts ovulating, this hormone increases exponentially. These tests have a reliability rating of 99 percent.

If you are not interested in purchasing a kit, WebMD offers a free Ovulation Calculator on its website. It is likely not as accurate as a luteinizing hormone test, but it gives you a general idea of when you should begin ovulating.

How long does it take to conceive?

Even with the help of ovulation kits, some couples take more time than others to conceive. According to a website called Ask Dr. Amy, only 50 percent of couples having unprotected sex are able to conceive within four months. However, the number jumps to 90 percent within a year.

Conception may be a long process filled with many ovulation kits. Keep trying, and do not be too discouraged if conception does not occur within a few months.

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