How to improve your sexual performance by Dancing

Dancing is one of the favorite method to improve sexual performance. Great dancers, make great lovers. “Dancing is the vertical expression of the horizontal desire legalized by music.” It’s not the techniques that make a good dancer. But it’s all about the passion, confidence & rhythm. It goes the same way with sex. The way you dance is already a giveaway on how you will perform in the bedroom.

You can try different types of dancing that are suitable for you. There’s pole dancing, belly dancing, striptease dancing, etc. Or you can try the hottest dance on youtube right now called the “booty shaking”. If you don’t have time to go to dance classes, booty shaking is perfect for you. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. Here are the basic steps of booty shaking:

1. Grinding : Draw a circle with your hips. Keep your back arched while doing this. Try to grind down by slowly bending your knees. Grind down as far as is comfortable then up again. Continually grind your hips and dance erotically. Keep your back arched and upright.

2. Pumping : Sit in a straddle position, lean forward slightly and place your hands on the floor. Pump your hips rhythmically.

3. Combination : Grind your hips and slowly go down. Hold your position and start pumping. Then grind all the way up again. Sit on straddle position and draw circle with your hips. Slowly grind your hips then pump rhythmically.

Continue practicing until you’re comfortable. I suggest you record yourself whenever you do the booty shaking dance. This way you can keep track of your progress and see how far you’ve come.

Hot to Booty Shake  Video

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