Three Sex Secrets About Women You Might Not Know about her

Three Sex Secrets About Women You Might Not Know about her
1) Your Women Will Never Tell You If You Are Bad In Bed!

Here's another honest confession - while we'll complain for hours to our girlfriends about how clumsy and clueless you are in the bedroom... we will never, ever, EVER tell you!

Why? Well we know guys have fragile egos, so we'll usually rather put up with "average" sex than tell you and risk hurting your feelings. After all, we can always just fake like we are enjoying it.

This can create another problem though... you see... you probably already know that girls "fake it" all the time.

The problem this causes is that since a girl won't ever tell a guy he sucks in bed, but she WILL fake an orgasm - and very convincingly! A lot guys never know that they are doing anything wrong.

Some guys are even fooled into thinking that they are "good"!

When in reality... the woman is lying there wishing she was with someone who really knew how to make her cum ... so she wouldn't have to fake it.

So the moral of the story is that many guys who are bad in bed don't know it! If you hear a guy bragging about how he rocked his girl's world in the bedroom... don't always believe him!

2) If You Give Your Woman Orgasms, She Will Never Leave You...

Unlike men, women are NOT interested in having a variety of sexual partners.

So... when she find a guy who is GREAT in bed, women know she've found something RARE.

women'll never even look at another man.

Guys who have these skills can basically do WHATEVER THEY WANT and a girl will stick with them.

Have you ever heard about a girl who is with a total jerk... but she just won't break up with him?

It's almost ALWAYS because he's great in bed, no lie.

It's the only surefire way to CHEAT-PROOF your relationship, and keep a woman interested in you and only you for as long as you desire.

3) When You Give Your Woman Orgasms, She Becomes Sexually Addicted To You!

Yes, you read that right! Here's why: Women LOVE sex. If you need proof of this, think about how loudly women scream when they're getting off! Those aren't screams of pain you know =)

But... 99% of men are TERRIBLE in bed

Because of this, it is very RARE that women get to have great sex

So when women do find a man who can give it to her... WOMEN WANT TO DO HIM ALL THE TIME!
I'm sure you've heard of couples who have sex 3 or more times a day. Well in most cases... it's ladies who are initiating it!
It's because women love it... and when ladies are lucky enough to find the rare man who knows how to give us those amazing orgasms she crave... watch out! Women want you inside of her ALL THE TIME!

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