Stress and Orgasm in Women

Stress and Orgasm in Women

Stress in the number one factor that will inhibit any woman's ability to orgasm.

Hopefully you understand by now that leading a woman to orgasm requires guiding BOTH her body (physical) and mind (mental) to
orgasm, however stress is like a poison that will prevent any
attempt at getting her to the blissful state of body shaking climax that her body is craving.

Stress leads to tension in the body which restricts blood flow and the flow of endorphins which are essential for achieving orgasm, especially squirting orgasms.

Stress and anxiety also release nasty chemicals like Adrenaline and Cortisol which act like an "anti-orgasm" cocktail that will wreak havoc on her physically and mentally.

On top of that, stress will also hinder her ability to let her mind go and be in the moment.

Letting go mentally is one of the biggest hurdles most women have that keep them from full body orgasms and if her brain is racing with stressful thoughts about all her problems or insecurities the last thing that is going to happen for her is an orgasm.

If your goal is to give her ground breaking orgasms you need to understand this and eliminate stress as a factor so she can completely enjoy her time alone with you.

Next time you are going to be intimate with her do the following...

1. Take control and lead her in the bedroom.

It's no secret that women want a leader in the bedroom. Her time alone with you should be an "escape" from the stresses of the outside world. Women want to be with a man that they can surrender themselves
to and if she trusts you to lead her in the bedroom she will let go completely.

2. Create a stress free intimate environment.

Dim the lights or lights some candles. Turn on some relaxing sensual music. Create a clean, relaxed, distraction free environment that instantly invites her to relax upon entering.

3. Give her a quick massage before you begin.

Massage is perfect for relieving tension in the body. It also increases Nitric Oxide which relaxes the blood vessels and increases blood flow to all parts of the body. Massage is perfect for giving
her time to become deeply relaxed and out of her head. This is the perfect "in the moment" mindset she needs to be in in order to achieve orgasm.

4. Once she's relaxed roll her onto her back and stimulate her using the "Bullhorn" technique.

Make sure she continues to relax. Her reaction might be to tense her body and her breathing may become shallow.

Keep her relaxed and tell her to only concentrate on taking slow deep breathes as you continue to stimulate her all the way to orgasm.

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