Orgasm Top 20 Facts

Have you ever wondered about which positions are most likely to make you climax? Or if it is always possible to have an orgasm every time you have sex? The top facts about orgasm is described below.  Have a nice sex next time.

Pain reliever

Being in an aroused state can be a great pain reliever for all major types of pain like headache, surgery and arthritis. Orgasms release the hormone oxytocin, which helps to relieve pain and boost your emotional state of mind.

Condoms and orgasm

Don't think you won't be able to have an orgasm if you wear a condom and you don't have to worry about premature ejaculation.

Age is not a factor

You must be worried that growing old can hamper your sex life by ruining your orgasm. But, the truth is your sex life can actually improve due to better quality of orgasm.

Multiple orgasms are possible

Many women can have multiple orgasms during a sexual encounter, but go slow and enjoy each moment to have a pleasurable time.

Your mind can help you reach there too

Dirty talk can also help you reach an orgasm. So try some dirty talk with your partner and both of you will be able to enjoy an orgasm.

Enjoy every moment durign sex

If you want to have great sex with lots of orgasms, then make sure, your mind is clutter free. A wandering mind can make it difficult for you to reach orgasm. So, free your mind and just enjoy the moment.

Nipples are a huge turn on

If you want to help your partner reach orgasm, gently fondle her nipples as this is a good way to turn her on and help her reach orgasm.

 Watch out for fake orgasms

Your think you are doing a good job with your girl, just because you hear her moan louder? Wait! According to a study, women can fake orgasms. So make sure you have a lot of foreplay to help her orgasm.

Avoid stress

Stress can put a dampner on your sex life. So when you get stressed try some yoga or meditation, which can help boost your sex life and give you better orgasms.

Women and orgasms

On an average, a female orgasm can last from 6-10 seconds. It can also go up to 20 seconds. However, according to a study by Cauthery and Cole, authors of The Fundamentals of Sex, a women can actually get 100 orgasm in an hour.

Spotting a true orgasm 

If you are worried that your partner is faking an orgasm, then you can find out, by simply tracking her movements during sex. The behaviour of an aroused woman, according to cosmopolitan includes, retraction of the clitoral hood just before orgasm, a racing heart, dilated pupils, vaginal muscle spasms, arched feet and stiffened nipples.

Exercise can also turn you on

Some ab exercises like crunches not only helps to tone your tummy but also can give you an O. During ab workouts endophirns are realised and simultaneously your pelvic muscles are squeezed as well, which can turn on women. This phenomenon is known as "coregasm".

Men usually take 7 minutes

However, time might vary depending on person to person. But, in generally, according to Niederberger from huffingtonpost, ‘a man usually take 7 minutes from penetration to ejaculation.’

 Think beyond clitoral orgasms

A clitoral orgasm is the best way to turn on your partner, but don't always resort to the same thing and make sex boring for both of you. Try to turn her on, by trying our various orgasms like vaginal and stimulating the nipples.

Use foreplay to enhance your experience

Never neglect foreplay, the caressing and kissing is the best way to increase blood flow to your sexual organs and arouse you.

 Masturbation can give you orgasm as well

A woman can get her big O, even by masturbating. It is believed to be one of the easiest way to turn her on.

Positions play a huge part

Some sexual positions can give you a better orgasm than others. For example, doggie style is can give your partner an orgasm, because it stimulates the G-spot.

Know your G-spot

A G-spot will help women to have a longer and stronger orgasm. For every woman the G-spot can be different. So, identify your G-spot, if you want to have a great orgasm.

Men also have a G-spot

A G-spot can help a woman to have earth-shattering orgasms. The similar thing is presnt in men as well. According to Dr. Niederberger, from huffingtonpost, ‘ the anatomical equivalent on the male is the frenulum, a collection of highly sensitised nerves just under the head of the penis.’

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